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Dance began as a hobby for Jade at the tiny age of two years old, at her local dance school in Scotland. Her professional training began at the age of 10 where she trained at the UK Theatre School based in Glasgow, Scotland, training in drama, dance, and singing. 

Jade was only 8 years old when she was given her first job as a dancer, dancing in the annual Christmas Pantomime in theatres around Glasgow.  This was where Jade found her passion for dance after being involved in rehearsals, shows and productions. It was being involved in this that inspired Jade to be a dancer ‘when she grew up’! 

At the age of 15, Jade auditioned and was accepted into a full time Professional Dance Artist Course in Glasgow where she trained for three years to become a Dance Artist/teacher and gained NC, HNC, and HND qualifications as a Community Dance Artist. Jade was then granted a scholarship to further train in professional dance at Millennium Dance 2000, in London, UK working with renowned dance artists and experienced dance training in various dance styles, technique and production. 

Jade has been involved in the dance industry for over 10 years. After graduating as a professional Dance Artist/ Teacher Jade became a dancer for The Scottish Rockettes – The UK’s Hottest Dance Squad based in Scotland and travelled worldwide dancing at events such as Rugby 7’s, Fifa Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball, and Basketball.  Expanding into the teaching world, Jade has worked as a Dance Artist freelancing in Glasgow and sub contracting for companies such as the Scottish Ballet and Glasgow City Council Sport Education department.

Since moving to Australia initially in 2009, Jade became part of the teaching squad for Dancentre, based in Hampton and contributed to the choreography for the 2010 annual Dancentre Production held at the Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square in Melbourne.  Jade knew that there was a love for dance and performing arts in Melbourne and upon her permanent return to Australia in 2014, Jade completed Cert 3 & 4 in Personal Training at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Then in 2015, BeDancefit was born! 

With Jade's vast experience in teaching dance & performance and her love for fitness BeDancefit has become more than a dance studio; it's a lifestyle. 


Established in january 2015 by jade purdie, bedancefit offers recreational dance and fitness classes to adults and children throughout the inner west suburbs of melbourne including yarraville and sunshine.

Bedancefit was created to bring the fun element back into dance and make all classes accessible to children and adults of all ages and abilities.  There are many dance schools out there which are absolutely fantastic and offer intense and very specific dance training and students are graded in dance examinations, which is exactly the type of dance school jade – bedancefit owner attended for many years.

Growing up in a dance environment, jade at times as a youth felt as though dance was like getting homework...It had to be done! Especially at exam time. Dance all of a sudden became very serious and the same 4 or 5 dances were rehearsed and rehearsed for weeks on end, voices were raised because arms were out of alignment or heads weren’t positioned exactly, and dance lost the fun element.

Which is why bedancefit has a feel good fun element in every class, where the children get the opportunity to express themselves through choreographic exercises and get to work as part of a team to create and explore! As well as learning new routines on a weekly basis and learning new dance skills, technique, and performance skills, emotions are also explored and expressed.

Bedancefit is all about dancing your way to fitness and feeling amazing regardless of your ability to pick up new choreography or technique. Bedancefit also runs dance classes for adults in the style of Beyonce – every lady’s alter ego! 

Bedancefit’s adult dance classes are all about teaching non-dancers how to dance in a very fun and relaxed environment but taking a professional dancers approach!  ‘We all wanna dance when we hear a bit of beyonce, so why not dance & do it right’!  This class is all about making it yours and about taking what you can from each and every class! Even if it’s not exactly what has been choreographed, you join us, you learn it, you make it yours and you dance it!  And most important of all, you have fun!

Bedancefit also offers fitness classes such as metafit bodyweight training, booty burn, corporate training, and personal training sessions for those people who simply don’t have time or who hate going to the gym! Bedancefit runs a very successful corporate training programme at the Walter and Eliza hall institute based in Parkville, Melbourne taking a squad of staff and putting them through their paces during their lunch hour 3 days per week!  Corporate fitness is a fantastic team building and networking exercise and it also promotes a healthier more vibrant colleague on their return to the workplace!